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Hello there! I'm Divine Plant Lady also known as DPL, your personal beacon in the spiritual realm. Through my unique blend of life coaching, psychic readings, and tarot, I create a custom path to guide you toward inner harmony. Let's unlock the mysteries of your soul together.

It's as simple as 1-2-3

On our journey, I will teach you different exercises and techniques so you can create the life you deserve. Below are only some of them.

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By scheduling a call, you align yourself with the first step toward self-discovery and spiritual enlightenment. Our intuitive readings are tailored to guide you on your journey.

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In our discussions, we help you clearly define and set your spiritual goals. Whether it's seeking inner peace, nurturing your spiritual growth, or embracing positivity, we are here to manifest your dreams into reality.

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Embrace Healing

Experience the healing power of nature and spirituality. We offer tools and guidance to heal your spirit, leading to a balanced, harmonious existence that resonates with your true self.

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Unfold the layers of your spiritual essence with Divine Plant Lady and allow yourself to bloom. Empower your spirit, heal your soul, and start on your path of spiritual enlightenment today!

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Voices from the Journey

Alex Thomas

My journey with Divine Plant Lady has been nothing short of transformative. Her unique approach, fusing life coaching with psychic readings, has truly guided me towards inner harmony

Johanna Lin

DPL's unique approach has transformed my spiritual journey, unlocking my soul's mysteries

Jessica Wood

Ciji , offers an enlightening spiritual experience. Her insights during our tarot sessions have been profound, illuminating pathways I hadn't considered before. I feel a deeper connection with my spirituality since our sessions.

Rachel Fox

A journey with Divine Plant Lady feels like a custom spiritual path, tailored for you. Her psychic readings and life coaching have brought clarity and inner peace to my life. I've found a newfound appreciation for my spiritual self

Peter West

Ciji, is a gem! She guides with compassion, understanding, and a profound connection to the spiritual realm. I'm grateful for her wisdom and highly recommend her services

You are a seed of potential, poised to bloom brilliantly.

I'm here, Divine Plant Lady, as your guide on the path to vibrant growth and spiritual fulfillment.

My Guiding Principle
  • Personalized Guidance
    My coaching is designed with your unique spirit in mind, fostering your growth and aligning with your spiritual rhythm.
  • Shared Journeys
    Your spiritual path becomes a shared exploration, deepening my commitment to your enlightenment.
  • Respect for Your Pace
    I honor your pace of healing and growth, understanding that every soul flourishes in its own time.
  • Emphasis on the Journey
    It's not solely about your destination, but the enlightening journey you undertake to get there, filled with wisdom and self-discovery.
  • Unfurl your petals with my guidance, and together, let's create a garden of inner peace and spiritual fulfillment.
Life isn't just to be lived, it's a divine dance of feminine grace to be celebrated
~Divine Plant Lady

Embrace Your Journey

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Awakening isn't about transforming your identity, but rather about shedding the layers of who you aren't.
Divine Plant Lady : Personal Notes

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