February 2, 2022

Self-healing is a choice. A choice to unearth your shadows with the knowing that love and light undoubtedly lives within you.

Self-healing requires the conscious INTENTIONAL decision to nurture and love your deepest wounds the way you wished someone else once had.

Make no mistake, this is a YOU journey. Highly personal, yet deeply rewarding.

Trust that you have everything inside of you to heal. You were born this way! The Divine wants our existence to be rooted in thriving, not to simply survive. We must heal to thrive.

Similar to how are physical bodies respond to healing after injury, self-healing is equally uncomfortable. It stings, it itches, it hurts, but heals.

Self-healing leads to surrender.  It's the portal to love, abundance, creativity, self-awareness, and space. Self-healing has encouraged me to prioritize holding space for myself. I realized the most important person I could ever hold space myself. Holding space for SELF creates opportunity to honor yourself and all that it means to be you with no judgment. This practice demands that you appreciate and accept yourSELF and all the wonder that you are!

Self-healing is ongoing.  It is the reason I wake up every single day with purpose. I understand that each moment brings opportunity to reach my pinnacle potential and I absolutely strive for that.  I strive to be my best-self because that is the Self I am most proud of. That is the Self that I love for my children to witness.

This Self created this beautiful virtual-space to remind YOU of your potential to heal on purpose. As WE grow this community together, I welcome you to invite those you love to this sacred space charged by Divine Guidance and Love Energy. Let us self-heal so that we can blossom! 

Look at us! I am so proud.

-The Divine Plant Lady🌻

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